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A Val Post - Are we not men?
A Val Post
I was funnier when I had weird obsessions. Much much funnier. I'm still enjoying odd things immensely, but I'm not obsessed, therefore non-funny.

So, to make up for my lack of funny, I'm going to make up some If I Was There posts, and maybe I'll get lucky.

Star Wars - Cantina If I Was There...
So, I'm there sipping soda at the Mos Eisley cantina with valamelmeo. So, we're just sitting there, minding our own business and scoping out the babes. There aren't many, because of all the aliens. I think the band is the closest thing to hotties we've seen so far. This green guy with a mohawk and antennae was flirting with me, but Kym said he flirts with all the ladies and he's a loser. He was kinda cute, for an alien.
So, anyway, these guys walk in. Regular human guys. Not hotties, though. One of 'em was an old guy. I think the young guy was checking Kym out, but she said he was staring at the weird aliens. Anyway, we went back to talking about those cute guys at the Academy, and then all of a sudden there were these weird sounds, and this really fugly alien's arm was on the ground! The old guy was holding some kind of glowy sword thing. It was cool. The injured one was no fuglier for it. I can't describe how disturbing his appearance was. Everyone looked, I would have pointed and laughed except I was scared of losing an arm.
So, you'd think that was the end of the excitement. The band started up again, and we started playing There's Your Boyfriend. Then we saw a cute guy. The green guy with the mohawk and the antennae, he went to go talk to the cute guy, and then from out of nowhere, he gets shot! Right there in the middle of the ... ok, they were more in a corner, but still! Shot, right in the gut! Kym was all "Told you he was a loser!" but I kinda felt sorry for him, getting killed and rejected in the same day. That's gotta suck. The one guy was still very cute, but he left quickly, and I can't blame him.
Later I heard there was more excitement outside, but by then Trivia Challenge had started, and so I wasn't noticing much else. We didn't win.
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