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Well screw me. - Are we not men?
Well screw me.
I didn't have a midterm after all. It's because I missed class and don't know the revised schedule. Now I don't know if there's a midterm later or what, which means I have to go to class every day from now on. Suck!

Also, I came home to take a quick nap, and I ended up sleeping until 2am. Suck!
Also, that class is still boring as fuck. Suck!

But, I did get some Jalapeno flavored potato chips. I've been craving jalapenos lately. I had a jalapeno pizza the other day, and jalapeno flavored noodles. I think I could eat a whole one if I had one.

My cats are still not getting along. Suck! I really am clueless as to what to do about it.

Anyway, that's just about everything. Later I'm gonna buy a book and read it. Maybe 2. Tomorrow I have to go up to school and finish the stupid lab for sed-strat. So-o-o-o boring!

EDIT: I could really use some comments on this post I made in my other journal. Help me out if you know the answers to the questions which vex me so.
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