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Sometimes nothing smells good. - Are we not men?
Sometimes nothing smells good.
So, I had this lame-ass field trip yesterday, and here are the important events of the day:

1.) Carpal tunnel/ tendonitis in right hand (dunno which)
2.) Fell down stairs
3.) Busted ass on slimy rocky shore of lake
4.) Forgot sunscreen

So, today I'm all achy and sore because of falling all day yesterday. There were some pointy things that got on me, too. There was this really cool woolly caterpiller, it almost went up a guy's pants! It looked like this:
but it was blacker.
There were also bitey ants and annoying flying things. We had these long sticks for to measure the thickness of rock strata. They're called Jacob Staffs or something, but someone accidentally called it a Moses Staff. That would be more fun.
Our TA told us a funny story about when he did field work in Turkey. He said it was all hot and deserty, but one day they were doing their work when they stumbled across a cottage. Inside was some water and some vegetables, so they helped themselves. Soon, a shepherd returned to the cottage. He didn't mind the boys sneaking snacks, and he enjoyed the company. So, for the rest of the expedition, each day they would go out as if to do work, but instead go to the cottage. The professor would ask them at the end of the day "Where were you? I went out to see how it was going, and I saw everyone but you two!"
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Stop asking about milk already.
Date: October 20th, 2003 - 10:05 am
WOAH, that's cool! Sorry about your fallings. I wish I could go on field trips with you, they sound like fun.
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