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I'm speechless. - Are we not men?
I'm speechless.
But not wordless.

Saturday morning, we met my parents at this big hearty breakfast restaurant with almost no meatless products. It was OK. Then my dad got lost on the way to this lake, but we eventually got there. We walked around it. Holly and I put our feet in the lake. Then my dad became baffled because my sister and I don't know much about stone-skipping. We had to remind him that we were raised in the desert.
So, Holly's tired, and my sister's knee is hurting her. (She was in a car accident recently.) So we go to this hotel, it used to be Doubletree, but it's now Mariott. My mom got us a non-smoking room, but we smoked anyway. There was this little town-type thing in walking distance, so we walked around and finally decided to go to Rice Boxx. By then it is apparent that my sister has a sunburn and Holly's lips are windburned. We go back to the hotel after eating food, and my parents take a nap or something. I don't get a nap, because I have an 8 year old. She wanted to go to the pool, so we did. She claimed it wasn't cold, but it was so we all got in the hot tub. After that, we went to the gym and Holly worked out. I did too, sortof, but she has much more energy than I do. Then the parents came down to the gym and said we should go to the biggest mall in town and go to the movies. At 7:00 on a Saturday. Needless to say it was fuckoff crowded, and there was a much less annoying theater just as close. For some reason, when my mom is north of Spring Creek, nothing south exists.

The star, that's where I live. As you can see, each theater is equidistant from the hotel. The mall was full of teenagers. Annoying.

I mentioned that I didn't think there was anything we would all agree on. Luckily, Pirates of the Caribbean was still playing, so we saw that. It let out at like, 10pm. I figure we should go to bed, because you know, 8 year olds should go to bed. But my mom wanted to go eat dinner. At first she was suggesting somewhere in the city, but then Holly's lip started to bleed from the windburn, so I left quickly and said we'd meet them at the hotel. We got her some balm and met the folks at the hotel. They decided they would go to another restaurant in that town thingy by the hotel. I thought it was closer, so I accidentally convinced Holly and Lainie (who were in no mood to walk far) that it wasn't that far. But it was. So, we're all tired as fuck, but we are walking half a block to some mexican restaurant that, again, has almost no meatless entries. I wasn't hungry anyway, so I didn't even say anything. It was especially rough because we were all very tired and grumpy from dealing with mall traffic. My mom kept saying stupid stuff and then yelling at my sister for being annoying. We got back to the hotel at midnight.

As a group, my sister and I did a good job of not saying anything negative to my mom. (It was her birthday weekend, after all.) But boy did we say stuff to each other. I might say more about that later.
Somehow, people got up at like 7:00. Not me, I only got up at like, 9, because I knew people were going to bug me to get up and go eat breakfast. We had breakfast, and then we left. I came home and Holly and I hung out for awhile. I found out something really disturbing about a close friend of mine, but I had a really good chat (actual definition of chat -- not internet definition) with another close friend of mine who I hadn't seen in months.
When I went to take Holly to her dad's, I had to get gas. While I was pumping gas, some kid came up to me and asked me if I would go into the store and buy some "Black & Milds". I assume this is some sort of tobacco product. I declined. On my way back home from Holly's dad's, I got a ticket for expired registration.

So, before I give my take on all this, anyone got any observations?

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