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One of those list things. - Are we not men?
One of those list things.

First real kiss: I don't remember

First job: Claire's Boutique. A costume-jewelry store for teenagers. My best friend's sister was the manager.

First screen name: I dunno, val the slacker probably

First self-purchased album: Michael Jackson "Off The Wall"

First funeral: Aunt Mary. She was only, like, 23 or so. I was like 7 or so.

First pets: Dogs, Socks and Jenny

First piercing: I had my ears pierced when I was 5

First true love: I dunno... Gary? Maybe? Who knows

First big trip: Lesse... I moved to Japan when I was 4... I guess that counts

Last big car ride: Went to Arkansas in August

Last kiss: I kissed Holly the other day, but aside from little kids, I dunno, 2000?

Last good cry: I do not know

Last movie seen: Some crappy Demi Moore movie about the end of the world, the other day on cable

Last beverage drank: Coca cola

Last food consumed: A cookie

Last phone call: My sister, right after we called my dad tonight. Stress.

Last TV show watched: Good Eats was just on

Last shoes worn: black faux-leather safety shoes

Last CD played: I guess that would be back when the car CD player was working... Totally Pokemon I guess

Last item bought: soda and snacks

Last soda drank: Coca cola

Last ice cream eaten: Pumpkin

Last shirt worn: Invader Zim

Feh. That was boring.
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