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DARE, and a serious SF novel query - Are we not men?
DARE, and a serious SF novel query
No, I'm not talking about some school program to keep kids off drugs or out of gangs or whatever.
I'm talking about a book, by Philip Jose Farmer. That I think I totally forgot to go off on in my LJ.
Quick review: Lame

Long review: OK, the main character is totally lame. He changes his mind, and does stupid stuff, and can't seem to keep a loyalty. Neither can the author. The reader's loyalties are played like a bad soap opera. None of the characters learns anything, the conflict is not resolved at the end, and I never really felt involved in the plot.
It's about this world where people were abducted and deposited on, and how they react to the local natives. It's an allegory of settlement (not necessarily American settlement, could be any kind of imperialism). But it's a really poor one. It's like the author is trying really really hard to make a satire, but sorely misses. Maybe it was the style in the day to not engage the reader with plot and characters, but to engage him in thoughts of his own culture and history. I don't think this book really does that, but not for lack of trying. Trying too hard.
In a word: lame.

Serious SF book query: When I was young, I read a series of young-adult (or juvenile, or whatever category is 13 yr olds) novels about a space cadet and his friends, in space school. It was a series, not one book. I keep thinking Tom Corbett, but I'm not sure. Anyway, these books were dated like 1945 or so. They were my dads when he was a child, so they couldn't be older than 1955. But I'm thinking they were written well before he acquired his, which were the ones I read. So, does this sound familiar to anyone of you SF aficionados?
It was a series, and I believe the main character graduated from space school in the final novel. But I could be wrong.
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Date: November 20th, 2003 - 11:35 pm
Well, there was an old TV show called Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (I've seen a bit of it). And yeah, there were books. A little searching gave me this: http://www.solarguard.com/tchome.htm which might answer your questions :)
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