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The Oracle of Lainie - Are we not men?
The Oracle of Lainie
You've heard of the Oracle of Bacon, right? My sister was in a movie, so we decided to look up the Oracle of Lainie. We looked up all sorts of people, but this one was the funniest.

The Oracle says: Ron Jeremy has a [my sister] number of 2.

Ron Jeremy was in 54 (1998) with Donald Trump
Donald Trump was in Two Weeks Notice (2002) with [my sister].

In general, she's related to human actors and actresses in English-speaking movies by 3 or less.

During these doings, I stumbled across info for Oliver Stone's movie, Alexander. Which is cool, because I've been watching Reign: The Conqueror on Cartoon Network, which is about Alexander. There's also a movie scheduled for 2005 by Baz Luhrmann about Alexander. So, let's just guess which one is going to be all-action and which one is going to have lots of inner conflict.
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