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Weird mid-day dream - Are we not men?
Weird mid-day dream
I just took a short nap, and I had a really weird dream. I was listening to various tunes of Bela Bartok whilst I slept, in case that makes a difference.

I was living in a house, and Holly had one of her friends over. But they couldn't keep up with their underpants, and I kept finding underpants "Hey, who's is this?" Turns out, they kept putting on swimsuits, and that's why their clothing was randomly around the house. Also, she and her friend were only like 5 or 6 (she's 8 now, in 3rd grade).
So, I go outside to see if it's warm enough to go swimming, and the cat sneaks out. The hepcat, but he was all white in my dream.
So, I go get the hepcat, and I'm walking back down the street and showing him stuff. He was scared. Then, when I got back to my house, there was a large white rat outside. I went to get closer to see how the hepcat would react to it, then I noticed some white mice cowering in fear. Then I kept hearing like, baby sounds. Goo-goo and stuff. So I scanned the area, and there was a baby rat. I put the hepcat up to these creatures, but he just sniffed 'em and didn't seem to care. Then I woke up.
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Date: November 24th, 2003 - 09:31 pm
Hmm. Maybe you want another baby.
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