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Happy Thanksgiving - Are we not men?
Happy Thanksgiving
Even to those of you who do not have the day off on account of not being American or having to work.

Thanksgiving breakfast-for-lunch was great, no one got mad, and my dad's brother showed up with his family, unexpectedly! They were on their way to his wife's brother's house for dinner. It was a really nice surprise for my dad. Plus, my sister and I gave him this enormous chocolate bar -- it was like 3 feet long. Or 2. I forget. It was enormous! We got my mom a James Avery bible bookmark. We're terrible suckups.
And it's a good thing we are! My uncle is now the cheif of police in whatever town it is that he works. If we'd known, we'd have sucked up to him, too.

After lunch I took Holly to see Haunted Mansion. It's pretty funny, plus it's got some good scares and some creepy spiders.

I had a really funny story, but I forgot it now.

I'm all : tired tired
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Teacher said not to.
Date: November 28th, 2003 - 06:53 pm
Glad you had a good Thanksgiving :) Mine was pretty decent too. But today was no Thanksgiving. I'm glad to hear no one felt the need to attack each other.
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