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Science Goes Awry - Are we not men?
Science Goes Awry
Yesterday I gave Holly a physics lesson. I made her say what she thought was going to happen, and then test it out. She did good.
Meanwhile, in my own quest for sciencing, I'm doing very very poorly. I am hoping for 3 "Incomplete" grades, so I don't get Fs. OK, someone is about to comment "It can't be that bad!" but you're wrong -- I'm not exaggerating or self-pitying. I guess I subconsciously decided to self-destruct so that I have an "excuse" for not pursuing my geology studies.

Anyway, yesterday I went over to my parent's house and they made me go through all this crap they had from when we were kids, and decide what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to throw away. Most of it I didn't care if they threw out or not. My mom loaned me some money, and gave me some bread because I was out and didn't want to go to the store.
Today, my sister and I took Holly Christmas shopping. We got my mom a gift, but didn't decide on anyone else. We had a really nice time. This has been an oddly pleasant Thanksgiving weekend.

I'm all : calm calm
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