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On Insanity - Are we not men?
On Insanity
If I think a thing is crazy, but everyone does it, and they do not think it's crazy, doesn't that imply that I am crazy for thinking that everybody else is crazy? But then, if I'm considering whether or not I'm crazy, doesn't that imply that I'm not crazy, by way of self-awareness?

If a train carrying me leaves Dallas at 8pm on a Friday night, and I wish I had a Rubik's cube.

I did play a really fun videogame, called Riddle of the Sphinx. It was buggy as hell, but well fun. It wasn't so obnoxiously detailed that I had to go running to the hints page at every turn. I looked up hints a couple of times, but I only looked up a hint. I didn't look up solutions. But I still have that same problem in that I tend to agree with the antagonist that the guy-who-helps-you is crazy and should be stopped.
One thing that gets annoying in some of these games (this is another Myst-type game) is when you have to do something stupid to acquire an object, rather than something that a normal human would do. In this game, I had to leak water out of a thermos to uncover an item in the sand, rather than just dig it out. It's just sand, and I had to leak enough water to uncover the entire thing before I could get it. Most of the stuff wasn't like that, though. Most of it was finding hidden passageways and fixing that broken thing so it would work right. I ended up making this one more complicated than it was, because I'm used to those games that have insane details in odd places that are the key to some puzzle in a completely different location.
So, there's why I'm up at 3am.
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I saved you a seat.
Date: December 3rd, 2003 - 08:42 am
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