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Odd, yet not quite disturbing - Are we not men?
Odd, yet not quite disturbing
I went to bed last night at 9pm, when Pokemon was over. I woke up at 6am, when Pokemon comes on. I think I had Pokemon dreams, too.
Anyway, I went to cash my paycheck, because I'm overdrawn and if I deposited it they would take it all for my overdraft fees. But in the heat of the moment of getting out of the car and making sure I had my paycheck and my ID, I accidentally forgot to turn off the car and remove my keys. But I don't notice this until coming out of the check cashing place. So, I had to call a locksmith, and $55 later, here I am.
I couldn't help but laugh, though. In my efforts to keep my cash for myself and not pay the bank back, I ended up losing $55, and yet I still owe the bank the full amount.

Also, in more boring news, I found out that the dry cleaners near me send out their suede and leather and so it would take like 2 weeks for me to get my suede jacket cleaned. I'm trying Dryel, but I don't think it works on suede.

I'm all : contemplative contemplative
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