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I need opinions! - Are we not men?
I need opinions!
And I need you, my friends, to help me out. I'm trying to set it to not use a background at all in the entry boxes and stuff, and it seems to work fine, but every time I go back to edit colors again, it's reverted back to the default on those two objects. So, I need someone to click the comments link and tell me if you see a background color on the "components" or if you just see a background image behind everything.

So, I have these action figures, and they're of animated cartoons, but I don't know if a discussion of the figures themselves constitutes a cartoon entry or not. So, if you have an opinion, go for it.

But here's the discussion, anyway. I have these action figures of these characters, and they have rather well-rounded behinds. The action figures do. The characters on TV just look regular, but the action figures are much sexier. Even the girl, who is supposed to be sexy on the tv show, is way curvier as an action figure. And all of them are that way, even the adolescents.

I'm all : calm calm
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Can you feel the love?
Date: December 6th, 2003 - 12:57 am
Comments the background is white. Is that what you are trying to achieve?
I saved you a seat.
Date: December 6th, 2003 - 10:12 am
No, but it's better than that horrid slate or whatever they were trying to force me into. I'll take white.
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