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Quiz time - Are we not men?
Quiz time
I used to be a Cheese Nips person, but lately they haven't been as good as Cheez-Its. Also, I ordered a pizza last night, with like, the last of my moneys, and it seems that whenever they cut the pizza into slices, sauce leaks down the cut and makes the crust soggy. This happens all the time. It's enough to put me off sliced pizza. That reminds me of a rant for my other journal.

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I'm all : blank blank
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Date: December 6th, 2003 - 03:30 pm
That is one hell of a strong kitty.
As for your pizza dilemma, I don't know what to tell you... I don't think I tend to get soggy pizza... but maybe our views on sogginess are different.
Date: December 6th, 2003 - 03:40 pm
No, soggy is soggy. There's no two ways about it. It's not flimsy, or sagging, it's soggy. As in, wet bread. Eww.

The answer is to order from more respectable pizza joints.
Date: December 6th, 2003 - 08:48 pm
 Yay Cheez-Its!
You could ask them not to cut your pizza. But then you'd have to cut it yourself. I've always found that kind of hard to do.
I've been goosed!
Date: December 6th, 2003 - 04:38 pm
I've always been partial to Cheez-Its. Cheese Nips just seem like they're the cheap rip-off version of Cheez-Its.
Are you gonna eat that?
Date: December 6th, 2003 - 10:46 pm
Actually, Cheese Nips are the brand with Kraft cheese and made by Nabisco, whereas Cheez-Its are made by Sunshine, which is often seen as the poor man's Nabisco. Cheez-its have my vote from now on, though.
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