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Update - Are we not men?
(and showing off yet another userpic :)

We are not going to Boston. The Mass kids are coming to us, because we managed to pull more people in on our side so it's cheaper to fly them here than to fly all of us there. I don't think we'll get any more accomplished with 25 people in the room than we get with 25 people on the phone.

At the beginning of next year, myself and one other person on our current team are moving to another team. I'm sure it'll be fine, but we were good friends with the old boss, and it'll be weird.

I got a verbal that I'm going to get an offer to go permanent, but I can't bank on that, although I'd really like a new car right now today while the 2003s are on sale. I dunno. I'm all ... somethin. Anyway. Yeah. Extra userpics. Mmm.

EDIT: Fuck this is boring!
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