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The End Is Near! - Are we not men?
The End Is Near!
The end of the year is upon us. So, I guess I should drag out that list of resolutions I made last year and see if I kept 'em or not.
Luckily, I made a webpage of them. You can see it here. Or, you can read it because I'm gonna copy/paste:
My New Years Resolutions

1.) Flush every time Yes!
2.) Play with Holly's toys Yes!
3.) Change the laws of physics to suit my own needs Well, somewhat, but not as much as I'd like.
4.) Get me some food!! Yes!!
5.) Discover my true nature is I'm an evil demon from Uranus. I kinda dropped the ball on this one.
6.) Watch tv on a regular basis and be more involved in the lives of the characters than my own life Hello, I made a whole journal for tv! makaioh
7.) Not eat what dogs eat Yes!!
8.) Acquire minions the_hepcat and the_pharaoh! Yes!
9.) Use Broadway plays for my own evil intentions I have avoided Broadway plays altogether.
10.) Invent potatoes Yes! What? You ate some, thus, they have been invented, by me.
11.) Repeatedly threaten Earth with my psychic abilities I didn't get out enough.
12.) Smoke Yes!!

So, while I didn't completely live up to my expectations of myself, I certainly did meet or exceed the resolution-keeping quota for the year.
So, what should I do next year? Maybe I'll make a poll. Just to excercize my poll-making power.

Poll #223228 Resolutions

Give me a new year's resolution I should make for 2004

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