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New usericon deserves post. - Are we not men?
New usericon deserves post.
I forgot to mention in this journal that I posted something really awful in my other journal (makaioh). It's a fanfic. So, you know, if you get real bored-like, go there.

The other day I posted a poll for suggestions for new year's resolutions. I only got two responses meaning either a.) no one is reading my LJ or 2.) I didn't take last year's resolutions seriously enough. And that's actually OK. I figure no point making a resolution if I can't keep it, so I only make resolutions that might be possible for me to keep.

I am going to take these suggestions, though:
1.) from ishiyakazuo Create a new language, and then tell no one of it.
This is perfectly feasible, as bbcorno and I have discussed the need for a new language to express how cute some puppies and kittens are. If we both make up our own, we don't have to tell anyone about it. But we'll both know, when we see a kitten, that we are describing its cuteness in great detail.

3.) from squeakyg Completely destroy an entire civilization. You choose the species
I am not sure I can do this one, as the one species I would like to destroy would be the common house cockroach. I know I am not alone in this desire, and many have gone before me and failed. So, I in keeping with my resolution tradition (that is, not making a resolution I can't keep), I will be destroying the civilization of Glophthra. This civilization resides on the planet Oom, which only exists in my mind. The Glophthrans are an evil people who have ravaged their own homeworld and are now bent on destruction of everyone else's, because they are jealous. So, I will be destroying them, come January.

I do have plans to join the company gym, but I don't think I should make a resolution for it. I know you will be waiting with bated breath for my next resolutions.

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Date: December 23rd, 2003 - 09:55 pm
 Yo Spiko!
I read, i just dislike surveys of more than, say, ten questions. Call me lazy if you must; you really should, anyway.

And i'm quite tempted to steal that userpic, as Spike is, like, me, but less cool. No, really. *sigh* =)
Stop asking about milk already.
Date: December 24th, 2003 - 05:37 am
 Re: Yo Spiko!
Not the survey. this poll.

Also, you might be interested in this post in my other journal, about how awesome Spike is. Or, you may think it's too weird for you. That's OK too.
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