Stays Crispy in Milk (or SCIM for short) (raditzsex) wrote,
Stays Crispy in Milk (or SCIM for short)

Come here you little butterbean, you!

So, like, we went to (yeah I already told you this one, ishiyakazuo) soup & salad buffet last night, because my parents were gonna pay for it, and I wanted Holly to eat something proper and not the crap that I am capable of. I was still feeling exceptionally ill, but I went anyway. I figured I'd have a bowl of soup, you know, for my cold.
So, we get there, and like, you have to order at the FRONT of the line -- before you know what you're getting. I knew they'd have at least one vegetarian soup, so I ordered soup, and no buffet. I didn't think I'd even eat that much. So I get to the soup section, and they have exactly ONE vegetarian soup. It was vegan even. It was butterbean soup. I think it was like, "butterbean and herb soup" or something, but the important part is it was butterbean soup. So I'm like, OK, sure, I dig butterbeans. I can't taste nothin anyway, so why not. (I was actually hoping for a tomato basil or something along those lines.)
First off, it was real good! As far as I could tell. I ate the whole bowl, and I rarely eat a whole entire bowl of soup. I usually leave, like, some dregs in the bottom, of stuff I don't really want. But I ate it all.
And damned if I didn't feel 85% better when I got home last night! I was laughing and playing with Holly and stuff, until midnight! And I was ready to go to bed at like, right before we went to eat. So there you go, and I'm showing off my ironic new icon of the day.
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