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It's 2004! - Are we not men?
It's 2004!
Last night, valamelmeo came over and we watched cartoons and talked about anime and read manga. We have issues :) The cats were slightly antisocial, I dunno what's up with that, but today Hep is acting aloof. Kym left about 4:30am or so, and I was supposed to get up at like 9am to pick up Holly. I overslept greatly, but it was OK because Holly had stayed up til 2am and she had just woken up when I did. We missed traditional New Years lunch with my parents, but oh well. Holly doesn't like blackeyed peas anyway, and I can eat 'em whenever I want (there's some in the pantry).

Holly had a good story from last night. She said her dad was shooting fireworks, and she and Jessica got to use sparklers, and the stick on her sparkler broke and the lit end fell onto the grass and caught fire. They tried to stamp it out but that didn't work so they got the garden hose, and Holly thought she had it pointed at the fire, but she had it pointed at her face, so when they turned on the water it went all in her face! I wish I'd seen it.

So, I made another sketch of a panel in the Shooting Star manga. If you're really keen, you can see it here. I'm using part of it as this icon, just to show off. This one looks better because I used different pencils. I used a mechanical pencil for line art and then a 4b for darkening the lines, and a 6b for coloring in the black parts and the lightly shaded parts. It worked really well, but I don't have a really good light pencil for doing guidelines and stuff like that. Anyway, it came out really well, I think. Hopefully I can do something original soon, because I'm sure anyone that cares is tired of seeing nothing but panel copies. It's just my way of learning a new style. Most of the other styles I've borrowed are more cartoony, and that's easier for me. I just love this style so much that I have to at least try it out, you know? Hopefully soon I'll be putting Spike and Jet in dresses or something equally weird. Not sure what I'm gonna do with 'em yet. Any ideas?

I'm all : weird weird
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