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LJ is being a biznatch.
So, now that it's 2004, it's time to start thinking about enrollment in the fall for school. Not for me, for Holly. I'm not really impressed with what her school has done this year, and I don't really want to enroll her in that school next year if they aren't going to pick up the slack a little bit. So, I just talked to her dad, and he was like, well, he was concerned, but he sounded like he would be OK if she went to public school. I'm not really keen on that, plus I'm finally in a position to pay for all of her schooling without flakiness.
Normally, she stays with Scott during the school year, and me during the summer. There are a couple of other private schools in his area, one that he even mentioned transferring her to before (the principal last year at her current school moved over to that school this year). But, the truth is, the BEST schools are in my part of town. So that would bring up a whole different issue, having her stay with me during the school year and Scott during the summers. Which actually would make more sense anyway, since his wife is a teacher and is off all summer. But I'm not sure how keen he would be on that. From his reaction to me, not very. Or, he wouldn't mind, but he's afraid I don't want it that way. It's hard to tell, and there's no point trying to second guess him. But we both acknowledge that she's not getting our money's worth in her current school. I hope his plan isn't "ignore the problem and it will fix itself."
At any rate, it'll be a tough issue to break down.

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