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I just had the cutest dream - Are we not men?
I just had the cutest dream
A bunch of us were sitting around in a den or living room or something. There were three sofas, and a big tv. I was sitting on the floor, but I was really tired so I kept falling asleep. We were trying to watch Alien or something, but these other girls in the room didn't wanna watch it so we changed the channel to classic music videos. Dottye (from work) was on one sofa, and she got up and let me sit there, because I kept falling asleep. The sofa was full of stuff, though, so I still had to sit. Some guy on the middle sofa kept trying to get me to notice him, or at least to try some food he had made. I was really tired, though, so I only got to taste one olive. They started switching channels again, and then somebody went off on a totally irrelevant topic. It was something about production company vs. distribution company, and how they mixed and stuff. So, they ended up on some really BAD Sigourney Weaver film. In the dream the movie had a name, but I don't recall what it is now. I was awake enough to say something like "Just because this is a good example of mismatched studios doesn't mean it's worth watching." I grabbed the remote and put it back on classic music videos. The olive guy was like "Cool!" and I just flashed the international symbol for the goat with my hand and went back to sleep. I was only half-asleep, though, and Dottye brought me a cold soda and told me I should drink it. I woke up enough to be grateful for the soda, and then I couldn't find a lighter. Three people gave me lighters, so I ended up with 2 blue ones and one white one. Then, this one girl who had been quiet the whole time asked which course she should bless when she goes to Spain. We were all like "wtf?" and it turned out that when in Spain, you only bless one course of the meal. Even if it's all served together. I asked some question about this, but I was thinking 'Why am I asking this? I don't even believe in public prayer, let alone saying grace in public.' Then, she and her friend decided they had something to do. So they picked up their Bible and their Illustrated Gospel of John and went out. I went back to my half-sleep state (I was done smoking by then) and just half-listened as people discussed the classic rock bands on the tv.

OK, maybe the word I was looking for to describe it is "odd"...
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Are you gonna eat that?
Date: January 7th, 2004 - 05:27 am
Great... Social-Life-While-You-Sleep. It could be a big success.
Stop asking about milk already.
Date: January 7th, 2004 - 09:08 am
Yeah, but if you want to make it work you should probably not be half-asleep *in* the dream.
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