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Manga Lust - Are we not men?
Manga Lust
Got vol 2 of the Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star manga today. I am going to go into great detail.

OMG! I can't believe Scorpion died, right as they were gonna get him to his grandpa! Oh that was so sad. Scorpion was a great villain. Plus, I think he had a crush on Ed. Well, I mean, if she's a girl. I can't quite tell what the artist's intention was. I wish I knew where I could write to her. She put a little thing in there about fave characters, and her little sweatdrop was "They don't like how I draw Jet?" because she is, after all, the macho man artist (see vol 1). And, dude, I fucking LOVE how she draws Jet! I wanna marry her drawing of Jet.
Do you know, she draws herself similar to how I draw myself! It's soooooo cute!! Her art style is so sexy and so cute, it's cutesexy, and I intend to copy it and do something great with it. Her characterizations are great, too. So is her storytelling style. Like, the chapter right after Scorpion dies, and it's all poignant and stuff, the next chapter starts off with Ed having done some interior decorating in Bebop with crayons! And she set traps everywhere, and everybody keeps getting caught in them. It's a perfect way to recast the mood.
Speaking of Ed, I can't decide if Ed is supposed to be a boy or a girl in this manga. I think the idea is girl that people think is a boy. Seems like the more she hangs with Faye, the more Faye-isms she picks up. But they refer to her as a boy a lot in vol 1, and only one feminine reference. Vol 2 has more people referring to her as a girl, but some refer to her as a boy. For my own amusement, I think she's a girl but people think she's a boy because of how she dresses and stuff. Before I developed, people thought I was a boy.
OMG, do a yahoo search on Cain Kuga, and scroll down to about the last 5 entries on the first search results page. How funny is that?
Anyway, back to the mangalust. Spike goes through two whole pages holding a piece of bread or something in his mouth. I might use that for the Got Meat? icon sometime in the future. Since line art transfers so well to miniaturization, I may make a whole new mood theme featuring Kuga art :)
I really thought Ed and Scorpion would be friends whenever he got his memory back. I was so very sad that he didn't get the chance. That chapter was so "Sympathy for the Devil", but better, because we knew Scorpion better and we knew his backstory. It was so great. And so sad! I cried. Well, nearly.
There are two pages in this volume that are absolutely defining. It's when Ed takes pictures of the Bebop crew asleep, and then photoshops it to look like they were killed in an accident. The page with the original photos is too cute for words. Everybody is asleep in odd places, because that's how it is. The page with the blood and stuff is priceless, because it was so easy for her to make sleeping people look dead! And we know who's artwork that really is. It's the divine Ms. Kuga. Sooooo perfect!
I just love how Spike acts like he doesn't give a rat's ass about Ed, but he really does and he always saves her. At one point I thought he was really gonna let the bad guy shoot her, but of course he didn't. He acts tough but he's really a very nice guy. That's why he's the star.
Ed acts like she doesn't care about consequences, but she does, she's just ditzy. And a genius. She's cute as hell all through the story. I loved how, in the last chapter, she's on Earth, and Jet's trying to use her programs, and he gets a message "HI JET BLACK!" from Ed. She's so cute. She's so much cuter in the manga than in the series, but that of course is my personal opinion. As is all of this. Well, you can't deny there exists talent in the fingers of Ms Kuga. That's not an opinion, that is a fact. Whether or not the art is awesome, that is an opinion.
Sorry, tangent. I really love how Faye is drawn. She looks more like who she really is. Whereas, even Megumi Hayashibara said about the anime that she thought Faye was beautiful at first, but as the anime went on she realized Faye was really very vulgar. She's still hot, sure, but she's got those great manga expressions, and she doesn't have half the angst that the anime Faye has. She sure did fake it good in vol. 1, though! I wish there had been more development of the friendship between Faye and the others. Maybe that was set up for the next volume, which was cancelled.
What I really love (you mean, aside from EVERYTHING? yes.) is the little one-panel things at the beginning and sometimes end of each chapter. In vol. 1 it was Jet doing bansai things. In vol. 2 it's Ein getting a bath. If there was more, vol 3 would have been Faye putting on makeup or something, and vol 4 would be Ed making something. I would have found it very amusing for vol 5 (which, as you know, will never exist >_< ) for it to be Spike sleeping. Like, 8 panels throughout the thing of nothing but Spike sleeping in different positions. That would have made me want to marry Kuga.
As it stands, I want to marry Kuga's drawing of Jet. I did give you all a little preview in this panel I sketched. That's part of the Jet doing bansai things at the beginning of chapter 1 vol 1. Egads, I just opened a soda and it 'sploded on me! Good thing I wasn't sketching just then. Anyway, I missed a part of the detail in that picture. Anyone really keen is welcome to find it and point it out. It's pretty obvious, you don't have to have seen the manga to know what it is. But that's just a small example of how great the art is. I wish I had a better example, but I don't, because I would have to draw another panel, and it's about time I started drawing my own panels, isn't it. I've actually gotten completely off track in this paragraph. I'd better start over.
Or, words fail me and I get caught up in wishing I was as great an artist as she. Or at least that I could draw that sexy. I guess I can, but only when I'm copying. I'm sure if I practiced enough I could do it. I can't believe she doesn't think people like how she draws Jet. If only she knew!

I'm all : enthralled enthralled
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Date: January 7th, 2004 - 09:55 pm
I've been out of the manga scene for awhile now, but reading this has got me lusting after Cowboy Bebop manga.
Date: January 8th, 2004 - 02:03 am
W00t! Sweet! Rock on!

I mean, er.... word.
Teacher said not to.
Date: January 8th, 2004 - 06:08 am
Cain was awesome. I personally liked how she would insert a little section, not even related to bebop, in the middle of the manga. or she'd make little notes in the cels.
Although all my mangas are in vermont (where i goto college), you bringing this up makes me wish i had remembered to grab them. i havent read them since the summer.
Can you feel the love?
Date: January 8th, 2004 - 07:34 am
The little notes in the panels are so awesome. I loved how she did a few small panels about how people liked her small drawing of an octopus from the previous. And her tale of the making of at the end of vol.2. I really would have liked to have seen more of her work.
Stop asking about milk already.
Date: January 8th, 2004 - 06:12 am

Good job! ^^ Pen sketches are hard since you can't really correct mistakes so easily. They're really good. I haven't read my Shooting Star for months but I remember these scenes. ^^
I've been goosed!
Date: January 8th, 2004 - 07:39 am
Thanks! But these actually are pencil sketches. The Jet one is art pencils, which are not only darker but also black in color. The Spike one was a mechanical pencil. I used gamma correction principals to darken the lines so that they're visible.
So, it's not quite as impressive as it looks ;)
Stop asking about milk already.
Date: January 8th, 2004 - 10:04 am
I'm still impressed. :p
Stop asking about milk already.
Date: January 8th, 2004 - 10:30 am
Thanks :)
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