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A weekend was mine... - Are we not men?
A weekend was mine...
And I did nothing at all but fuck off. Here's the scoop:
Friday night, I watched 8 episodes of Bebop and 6 episodes of Red Dwarf before putting the Bebop movie back in. I also managed somehow to read a manga.
Saturday, I read the other manga and spent most of the day chatting online about it and other topics. I ended up going mega-fangirl a bit on a particular LJ comm, but we won't go into detail.
Sunday, I tweaked my Pokemon database for beta (Read more about that here) and did laundry.
In between these exceptionally exciting events, I petted cats and drank sodas. There were even a few times when I slept.

I did a new drawing, but I don't like it much. I sorta liked it at first, but whenever I went to endarken my pencillines (that sounds like a disease, don't it?) it ended up looking not how I wanted it to. So, you don't get to see it. I'll probably make another one and not do anything fancy to it until I get it scanned in. It's very frustrating.

Speaking of frustrating, you know how sometimes someone will laugh at a joke, and then end the laugh with a long audible sigh? What is that? "Ahahaha! Ahhhhhhh." Is it that you are very satisfied with the quality of the laugh, or the quality of the joke, or is it relief at being able to express your jocularity openly and without criticism? It's vexing to me!

I'm all : Monday
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