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In my head - Are we not men?
In my head

OK, so, I've been thinking about why the pic I drew yesterday didn't work. Aside from the technical mistakes, which were a result of execution. Do not use a mechanical #2 pencil to darken existing lines. My other pics where I used a 4b and 6b for coloring and darkening look just fine. But I was lazy and used the same sketching pencil. Anyway, that's not the point.
I was thinking and thinking. The technical mistakes are just side-notes. I knew the whole picture didn't work once I started to pull everything together, which is probably why I didn't care enough to use the very best pencils. I think the answer is that it's just not the right dress for Spike.
James wears a similar dress in the episode "The Misty Mermaid", so I kinda figured it would work. But it really doesn't. I guess you could say that no dress works, but the point is for it to be amusing. That dress just isn't funny enough. I never knew before that the type of dress was important, because it just seemed like putting a guy in a dress was going to be hilarious no matter the guy and no matter the dress. The prior pics I drew, I had a definite concept in mind before I started drawing. I didn't this time, just started sketching.
I'll revisit the concept and figure out the funniest way to present it. Last night I didn't, but today I have confidence in my ability to sketch a damn funny picture.

I'm all : artistic artistic
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