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Music - Are we not men?
Earlier today I was all hyper until the Devo song "Be Stiff" got into my head. I do not know how a song like that can have a calming and relaxing affect on me, but it does.

I was thinking of Aiko songs, and tizzle_b's poll about Red Dwarf made me think about how I'd rank Aiko songs. I'd have to have two classes: Listenability and Singalongability. OK, so those aren't real words. That's unimportant.

For listenability, I would have to say tops on my list are Soredake, Jet, and Hikari no sasu ashimoto. My CD player in my car was broken for a long time, and there was about two months in which it would only play Soredake. There were no other songs in my car during that time, and whaddaya know, I was playing it in the car this morning, too. I'm a little surprised that I've gotten this much enjoyment out of one of her newer songs. I don't even have to be in a particular mood to enjoy it fully. It puts me in the correct mood.
Jet and Hikari no Sasu Ashimoto have managed to make it to just about all of the mix cds that I've ever made. Two completely contrasting moods, but I never get tired of them. Jet is a fast song and probably her most "driving" song ever. It's like a chase scene, starring Aiko! I like to listen to that song whenever I'm in a hurry or busy or just trying to get motivated, or even if I'm just feeling particularly upbeat.
Hikari no Sasu Ashimoto is in the mood of this usericon. In fact, that's what it says in Japanese on the icon. It's very sad and mournful. Not that I feel all sad and mournful a lot, but if I'm feeling mellow or relaxed or nostalgic, it's appropriate for me. I don't think I had a LJ when I first heard it, or there would have been a detailed post about it. She's just an amazing artist. There are parts where it slows down just slightly before resuming normal speed, which is symbolic of a reluctance to forget. The melody is haunting and lyrical. The song is like an overcast day in November that reminds you of a lost love. Not quite my style, sure. But it's so perfectly executed that I can't deny the beauty of it. When I first heard it, I thought to myself "This is perfection in songwriting."

As far as singing along, I pretty much prefer the fast stuff. I probably sound like a dying whale singing the slow stuff. So, on to my picks.
My top singing songs would have to be Power of Love, Aitsu wo furimukaseru houhou, and Hisokana Sayonara no Shikata. I also never tire of singing along with Inu ni Naru, but if I'm in the mood to belt it out, it's one of the above three. I could probably type out all the lyrics as I understand them (perhaps not the correct lyrics) from memory. These songs are all upbeat, take-charge kind of songs. Power of Love and Aitsu wo Furimukaseru Houhou both have some lyrics that just fly by, so once you get it down, it's really fun to sing along. I get a little satisfaction from being able to sing along to really fast lyrics in another language. Hisokana Sayonara no Shikata has rhythmic lyrics that just sound cool. I guess I don't have as much to say about these songs, because they're just fun. Aitsu wo Furimukaseru is probably the best song if you want to get an idea of how amazing Aiko's voice is. She does absolutely everything in that song.

So, there you go. Hella more than you ever wanted to know about my favorite Aiko musics.

I'm all : creative creative
Jammin' with : Devo - Be Stiff (in my head)
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