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Mood: Artistic/Naughty - Are we not men?
Mood: Artistic/Naughty
I present to you my latest work, entitled

Where the hell is my dry-cleaning?

For those who don't know, I'm using Cain Kuga's art style here. Buy the manga. Read the manga. Study the manga. She deserves your praise.

I'm all : artistic artistic
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Are you gonna eat that?
Date: January 13th, 2004 - 09:06 pm
So, what is it with you and the men in dresses? It really baffles me!
I saved you a seat.
Date: January 13th, 2004 - 09:40 pm
What's wrong with men in dresses? It's almost like you think it's not normal or something...
This place is filthy.
Date: January 15th, 2004 - 06:45 am
I realized from your comment today that I hadn't gotten back to you on this.

1.) It's funny
B.) It's sexy because it shows neckline and legs -- the same things men like to see when women wear dresses.
Ape.) It's really funny
8.) Some intangible thing I can't articulate.
I saved you a seat.
Date: January 14th, 2004 - 07:43 pm
 Sexy Spike Backround!!!
I love it!!!
Stop asking about milk already.
Date: January 14th, 2004 - 08:32 pm
 Re: Sexy Spike Backround!!!
5 droids -- Spew an android