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I Need Feng Shui - Are we not men?
I Need Feng Shui
So, looking back, I was much funnier a couple of years ago, when I worked at VZ the first time and then when I worked at Kone. So, I thought to myself, what is different now?

I think my chi really *is* being blocked by the clutter in my house. I'm quite sure my chi is supposed to be wildly amusing on a regular basis for no good reason whatsoever, at least to me. OK, so some of you just said "You weren't THAT funny." But to me, I was. It was during my long-ass run of unemployment in which I sorta lost my funny. And that's when clutter became my middle name. It's annoying, but not so annoying that I try to fix it on a regular basis. But that's just how someone with blocked chi would react!

So, yes I still need a housekeeper, but I also need a Feng Shui mastah to come reorganize me. But before any of that, I have to clean up so that I'm not embarrassed to show this place to people. (Well, people I don't know so well. bbcorno and valamelmeo have seen it.)
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