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Whoa, my computer... it .... crashed. It was weird. I'm not used to… - Are we not men?
Whoa, my computer... it .... crashed. It was weird. I'm not used to that. But then, I *did* hook up my printer, which has crappy drivers that crash me.

I think I shall now introduce to my journal what I like to call Dragonball H. The H is for Holly. She makes up some mega stories when we're playing with our action figures. We went to Toys R Us today, and I told her I had to look at action figures, and she goes "Yah, I know, as soon as we see the action figures, we head straight for them." That was just cute. We didn't find any silly putty, though, which is what she really wanted. She decided on a Blasting Energy Action Freeza, which I think is a 3rd or 4th form, I forget how many forms he had. Well, we have 3 forms here, and we're missing the tiny one that rode in the little chair thing. So, today, on DBH, Space Ghost was going to Raditz's Pet Store, and he decided to get 3 Freezas as pets. Heh, insert geeky database joke here, Freeza's 3rd normal form.
At first the Freeza's were not keen on being Space Ghost's pets, but then they decided it was sweet, because they got everything they wanted for free. Then Oddish the Pokemon showed up. Holly's so cute.
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I've been goosed!
Date: September 24th, 2001 - 12:03 am
Awww - what's left to say?!? Holly IS so cute!
1 droid -- Spew an android