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Sleeeeeeeep - Are we not men?
I wish I could get some. (Sleep, that is.) I might call in to wr0k tomorrow, or leave early, or something, just to get some sleep. I have to figure out a way to sleep when Holly would prefer I not sleep. She has done me this way since she was born!!! Anyway, the point is, I'm always undersleeped.

Saturday I went shopping, against my better judgement. I got Pokemon Heroes, Bebop #6, and a Lupin movie. I knew I was going to get Pokemon Heroes and Bebop, but they didn't have 1&2, which I also need to complete my set (I know that is so lame that I can't manage to get a simple 6-disk set, but apparently I suck.) When they didn't have 1&2, I figured I'd pick up something else. I took me much longer than Holly would have liked for me to decide.
I like the movies. And I don't care who knows it. So there :P

You know, I started this post like Sunday night. Now it's Tuesday (please God let it be Tuesday and not Monday!) and I feel the same way. I better go to bed. Or at least post this. Sheesh!
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