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OMG my cat has a big butt! - Are we not men? — LiveJournal
OMG my cat has a big butt!
You know, sometimes I complain that my mom gets me odd gifts. Sometimes I laugh at my mom's odd gifts. One time, she gave me a double-package gift: a bra, and a cassette tape of conversational Klingon. That I think was the funniest one.
But tonight, she gave me a sketch pad and some pencils and a gummi eraser! It's times like that I realize that she really *does* know what kind of person I am. (although I suppose you could say the bra and cassette were an indicator -- I am female and I do watch Star Trek....) I just wonder sometimes. It's nice to get a really personalized gift like this from her. The pencils are HB (which I needed desperately! Yay!) 2B and 2H (which I also needed desperately, believe it or not)
So, I did a couple of Kenshin pics, and they look decent enough for a first attempt at the art style. Then I tried to do a Kuga pic, but it wasn't working out. Then I picked up the 6B and zip-zap-zop! I used bold strokes like I never use except on whiteboards and came out with a really nice pic of Kai Lucas. I'm kinda mad at myself for being nimble with the 6B, because that AIN'T a first-sketch pencil. I spent like 30 minutes trying to get a decent light sketch of this pic and 2 minutes to make this one. Very annoying.

The scanner can only accomodate like 11" paper. Sano's hair is hard to draw, which sounds so stupid considering the great number of DBZ spikey-haired pics I've drawn. But there you go. I'm an art idiot.

SPEAKING of art idiots, I'm now filling out the paperwork to start art school in April! W00t!! I still have to do my financial aid paperwork, but hey, art school! It'll be so cool to have creative homework!
I'm probably going to bed soon, because it's supposed to snow and I want to play in it tomorrow. Or maybe I'll stay up and watch something. You never know with me.
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I've been goosed!
Date: February 14th, 2004 - 06:00 am
 Kitty got back?
i really like the second pic.
I can't really draw too well, except when i was in an art class in 10th grade i got lucky with some really good copies of the Scaled Wurm, Angel of Mercy, and Crystal Wand from Magic:TG, a picture out of the Diablo book, and a few others that i cant remember..

Only anime pic i've ever done was Goku doing the spirit bomb against freeza, getting it powered up while he's pretty beaten..
The body, hair, and head look fine, but the way i did his arms make them look humongous and 50 feet long.

I love to draw.. but i cant do it well.. my major problem is when i fuck up, and i erase, and it leaves a mark, which upsets me more, and even if the rest of the pic looks awesome, i'll be pissed enough to ball it up and throw it out...
Stop asking about milk already.
Date: February 14th, 2004 - 07:23 am
 Re: Kitty got back?
Try this! Use a very light pencil (#2 is usually decent enough, but there are lighter pencils -- the harder the 'lead' is, the lighter it draws - 2H 4H and 6H are popular) and combine that with a Staedtler eraser. Staedtler (sp?) is the brand you can find if you go to the university store and look in the drafting section. They make drafting supplies, and the erasers are really sturdy and good. Also, there does exist an item that is like a little metal stencil sheet. It's got small line and circle holes in it, but it's made of metal and flat. It's about 3"x4" big. Use that to select only the things you want to erase. It also saves the paper wear-and-tear from the eraser, and you don't end up accidentally folding the paper from erasing with vigor. (In case you care, I don't have any Staedtler products anymore. I'm using an 'art gum' eraser and a gummy eraser, which oddly are two different kinds of erasers found in the art supply section.)

After you practice awhile drawing certain styles or certain themes, it will come more naturally. I can still draw a damn good hockey player, even though I haven't drawn them in years.
I've been goosed!
Date: February 14th, 2004 - 07:53 am
 Re: Kitty got back?
i have a small drawing set, including 2,4,and 6 b (or h.. cant remember) pencils, 4 different charcoal pencils, and stuff, and i have an art gum eraser, kneeded eraser (which, ironically, resembles gum more closely than the 'art gum'), a plastic eraser, and a normal pink eraser.. also have a set of gouche paints, oil pastels, colored chalks, and some other stuff... only problem is i get frustrated to easily..

i almost never use my color sets though.. im horrible at mixing the right colors and blending them correctly in pictures.. so most of my drawings are pencil, pen, or sharpy...
i will look for that metal sheet thing though, that sounds interesting.
Thanks for the input!
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