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I went out in the snow! - Are we not men?
I went out in the snow!
The kids in the next building made a GINORMOUS snowball like 4 feet in diameter! It's cool, but they'll never get two more snowballs on top of that for a full snowman. There are other snowmen in the other courtyards, too!

I went to the mall. I got Bebop #2, which completes the set :) Go me! I also got Berserk #1 and Dilbert complete series box set. Sean's in Berserk! I didn't know that. But he is! And there's outtakes on the disk, and Sean does some really funny ones. I wish there were outtakes on DBZ disks, because he did something REALLY funny during that.

Can you believe I purchased all of the Dilbert tv show? It was only $50. The guy at the counter was all "Awesome, someone finally bought the Dilbert set!" and I was like "..."

Speaking of "..." does anyone have a really good anime torrent site aside from anime-xtreme and animesuki? I'm specifically looking for Japanese Yu-gi-oh episodes. I really can't stand the dub anymore.
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