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Whoops - 8-10-27 - Are we not men?
Whoops - 8-10-27
I made a mistake. It's supposed to be 8-10-27. Silly me.

Oh man... I really love coffee. I hadn't had it in awhile, because I was unemployed, and then they said here that you have to pay $2 a week for it, but the guys convinced me yesterday that it would be OK if I got some w/o paying. And man, I love it. Seriously. There's nothing like it. Someone asked me one time what I thought of coffee, and I replied "Nectar of the Gods." Oh, sweet aroma, enticing me with swirling wisps of steam. I can't believe I was using Coca Cola as a caffeine substitute! I am going to have 700 cups of coffee today. Then I'm going to the comic shop.

I'm all : satisfied satisfied
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