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Wooooo! - Are we not men?
I went over to my parents, to see if my dad wanted to go to the new Fry's with me. They ended up taking me to lunch! Woo! Then, my dad and I went to Fry's, and he bought me a new 80gb HD!
But what, you ask, did Val buy for herself? The Kenshin OVAs and the 1st season of the original Transformers!! 80s cartoons on DVD!! I'm too thrilled to ... umm... I dunno, but I'm thrilled :)
It even has the opening theme song "Transformers, more than meets the eye, Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons..." heeee! And it came with two cel-type things! One of 'em has Starscream on it! As soon as my new HD is installed I'll make a new userpic. Then maybe I'll write some Optimus/Megatron yaoi fic.

It's giving me high-school flashbacks hehehe! I have the urge to wear my bluejeans really really tight and put on a CHOOSE LIFE t-shirt and leg-warmers. Milk it does, milk it does a body good! "So I'll be your friend, and I'll be your lover!" I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride! Da-hah, da-hah, da-ha-ha-haha-hah. Ooh rock me Amadeus! *does the cabbage-patch*

(OK, Kenshin fans -- picture Shishio doing the cabbage patch)
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