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A Few Things - Are we not men?
A Few Things
First a mini-rant about fan-art.
Colored does not mean better!
I'm really tired of everyone colorizing their artwork because they think it'll look so amazing awesome great, or because they're trying to cover up the fact that the drawing isn't so great. That's not to say I hate all colorizing, I've seen some really impressive stuff colorized. but damn, EVERYTHING doesn't REQUIRE color.

Case in point (and perfect segue to my next topic), doujinshi. I can't decide whether to tell you all what exactly I ordered off the internet last night, or to shock you later with a random scan. How about I give you a couple of hints.

- I ordered 2 doujinshi from the internet
- They are each from different shows
- I got the last copy of each from the site I ordered off of.
- You'll never ever guess in a million years what one of 'em is, but the other is a pretty common pairing.

I think I had another topic, but I forgot it now. That's all the money I'm spending this month aisde from food and stuff. That's it. I swear. I'm on my best behavior now. *salutes*
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