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I had a Kenshin dream! - Are we not men?
I had a Kenshin dream!
I dreamt I was like, hanging out with Kenshin and Kaoru and Sanosuke. We were at my house, except it was clean and my couch didn't suck. That's a dream I have a lot. I should clean up and buy a new couch.
But that's irrelevant. We were at my house, and we were watching a movie. I forgot what movie it was, but we had popcorn and had just ordered pizza. Kenshin was all "Instant popcorn is convenient, that it is!" Kaoru was all intrigued in the movie. I think it was an Audrey Hepburn movie. It was something romantic and amusing, I remember that. Anyway, she was all into it, because she's a sucker for a good romance.
Sanosuke was like, FLIRTING with me. But I was all "Don't think so." WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? But anyway, yeah, he was all flirty and I was all "nahh." So then, he went and bought me a soda, so I was like "OK fine, I'll sit by you. But no funny business!"

I wish I'd been more accomodating >_< I mean, come on! It was just a dream!
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