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V-Burn in the hizzy! - Are we not men?
V-Burn in the hizzy!
Haha, like I'm that cool.
Actually, I'm going to have a minor girl-moment.

I bought new shoes!
They look just like your old shoes...
Yes, but without the worn soles!

I bought a new jacket!
It looks just like your old jacket...
To the untrained eye, perhaps! But this one has little slits for faux-pockets rather than flaps.
Faux-pockets are stupid!
I know. I should have checked prior to purchasing.

I have new glasses!
They're just like your old glasses, but a slightly lighter shade.
Yeah, the new style is frameless or really light. I'm not keen on it. Now my face looks uniform rather than a bit of contrast. I might start wearing eye makeup again just to bring the contrast back. Kinda scary, huh!
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