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I just watched Samurai Jack, with a very discerning eye. Discerning… - Are we not men?
I just watched Samurai Jack, with a very discerning eye. Discerning exactly why he looks like Professor Utonium. I know it's the same artist, but that isn't enough. The face shape is different. The eye shape is different. The hairstyle is different. So why does he look like Professor Utonium? Eyebrows. Eyebrows and nose shape.
Now I just have to say this. It has been loud as hell outside my apartment today, kids and parents traipsing up and down the stairs and kids playing outside the window. I don't normally notice, but I was taking a nap earlier and it was almost impossible. So now I'm playing my playlist of "Zorak's Greatest Hits" really loud. And the traipsing continues. I'm just glad I don't live on the bottom floor, it would be outrageous.

I finally found good chinese food in town. Tasty Eggroll. Not "good " in the strictest sense, but good in the sense that it's satisfying and Chinese. And it didn't disgust me. And they had good eggrolls, too! Which is good, because the name of the place is Tasty Eggroll. In fact, I ate so much it's making me a bit ill. Now *that's* good Chinese!

Incidentally, it smells like *bad* chinese in the bathroom, even though I haven't done anything in there that might make it smell at all. I wonder if the vent is connected to someone else's apartment. And I wonder who's farting bad chinese.

This afternoon, I heard two rumours. One of them is a really juicy one, and it's good for both people involved IMHO. The other one is not. And it's something I've suspected was going to happen, but I'm not keen on it. So now what? Nothin. When in doubt, spit it out. When in school, make 'em drool. When at sea, C M P. When it's dry, have some pie. Simple.

How you get so fluffy?
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