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Easter Weekend - Are we not men?
Easter Weekend
I put 300 miles on the new car this weekend. Driving Holly around, and driving my friends and family around :) And it rained, which means it's not all beautiful anymore it's covered with little spots.

Do you know, Plano looks really cool at night in the rain. Maybe it's because I live there, but it really does look cool. It's all glisteny and soft-looking.
Aww, geez! You guys are perverts.

It's cold outside, which I actually kinda like. It's also wet, which I kinda like. So, really, I dunno why I was bitching except that I didn't wear a hood to Holly's soccer game and now my ears kinda hurt. It really is nice, cold and wet instead of hot and dry. I have to go to the mall tonight.

I'm all : thoughtful yeah
Jammin' with : Madonna - Don't Tell Me
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