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Happy Val! - Are we not men?
Happy Val!
I went to see Bob Schneider at lunchtime! He was playing a mini-set at this seedy old record shop in Dallas. It's seedy because it's been there for eons. It's, you know, one of those record shops that actually still sells *records*, and I don't mean just drum & bass stuff. They have so much stuff I can never find what I'm looking for. For those who don't know, I have been a Bob Schneider fan for several years, and never seen him live! It was really great.
There were a lot of people there. Apparently, there is a local radio station that was promoting the event. Obviously not one of the stations I listen to, but I think some people showed up for that. They were serving beer and tacos! Beer and tacos. So there was this odd odor of bearded Texans in the place. Not entirely out of character for fans of an Austin show. In fact, I felt a bit out of place in my suit. I did become slightly self-conscious that someone would accuse me of being a Republican, but no one did.
I got there a little early, so I got a good spot up near the front. I did do a little bit of browsing when I saw the record shop had a SFA section, but they didn't have the album I wanted. Seemed like a lot of the people there knew a lot of the other people. Like, they're Bob's groupies, or they follow him around like people used to follow the Dead around. That would be a cool job, wouldn't it!
So, Bob and his band get on the mini-stage, and I was all trying to hide the goofy "W00t!" smile that wanted to get out! I didn't bring the CD in with me so I don't know the names of the songs they played, but I can try. They played the first two songs on the album, and the song about some guy in Mexico that gets knifed and spoke his last words in Spanish "cuz he didn't know no English" (it's about other stuff, too, but I remember that part best), and the song that goes "Don't wanna be like Mr. Spock..." - that song blew me away. That sort of song always blows me away. Plus, at the end, the bassist played a kazoo for harmonies! They played another song or two, too, but they say memory is the first thing to go.
On the subject of the band, they all looked like they were having a damn good time on stage. The guitarist especially looked like he and Bob had a private joke or something. The bassist was doing most of the backup vocals, and boy do I love how he and Bob's voices combine for the harmonies. The drummer managed to get all sorts of sounds out of one little snare, and he looked like a guy I played trumpet with in the community band last year. But taller. I didn't have a very good view of the keyboardist, but when I did, he was as cool as the keyboardist for Aiko's 4th(?) concert video, which I know means nothing to anyone except valamelmeo, but at least she can appreciate it :)
You know, good music really affects me emotionally. I was like, watery-eyed, for no other reason than that Bob Schneider was no more than 20 feet away from me, singing in that voice that conveys everything that is good about Texas.
I'll digress just a bit to explain how I discovered his music, seeing as how I've never lived in Austin and had never seen him live. Remember when Napster was free, yar matey? I liked to type in random words and see what I got. I typed in "Vulcan", and I got a few hits, and one of them was this really incredible song called "Vulcan Death Grip". I was like "Damn, that's good music, there! Ugly Americans, eh? I'd better check out more!" So, I went and acquired more Ugly Americans music, and discovered that the genius behind it all was named Bob Schneider. "And the rest, as they say, is history." My favorite song, I think, will always be "Wrong Direction".
So, back to the show. Or, let's go off on another small val-ness. Bob himself is very very adorable. Cuddly-cute I-want-one adorable. I had seen pictures before, but the pictures just look like standard rock-artist fare. He's really very very cute. Very.

I have to work now, I might have more on this later.

I'm all : ecstatic w00t!
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