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You gonna finish that? - Are we not men?
You gonna finish that?
Yes, I'm going to attempt to finish that.

OK, I screwed up in what I thought was the kazoo song. The kazoo song was actually the song that I would have called "Centuries in the afterglow", but which is actually called "Getting better", which confuses me because when I hear that phrase I automatically hear a Beatles song.
One of the songs was the sort that begins with one line, then a couple beats pause, then another line. And in the break between lines, someone in the crowd yelled "Hey gimme a sammich." Everybody laughed, including Bob. He had to stop for a moment before going on to the next line to laugh. He said "Hey let's get a sample of that for the tour" (or something similar - like I said, memory GONE). It was well funny.
The Centuries in the Afterglow song also blew me away. On the album he sings it normal, but at the show he sang the first verse normal and then the rest he sang in what I describe as a Compton accent. It was quite fun. Initially, I thought the Captain Kirk song was my favorite, but after listening to the album a few times, this song really is my favorite. It's the blues beats that get me every time.

In non Bob Schneider related news, I bought new pants, and they fit nicely (unlike my other pants which have expanded enough that I could fit another person in them). That is not very exciting, is it. I will update makaioh with my DVD purchases and hagaren ramblings later.

Speaking of Hagaren, more properly known as Hagane no Renkinjutsushi or Fullmetal Alchemist, if anyone wants eps 1-28 fansubbed (by A-Keep & ANBU) on a set of CD-Rs, let me know. I'll mail 'em to ya, or give them to you if you're local, provided my burner continues to work.
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