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Another amusing story from the weekend - Are we not men?
Another amusing story from the weekend
I forgot to tell this story.
Saturday was Holly's 2nd-to-last soccer game of the season. So, after the game (tied 1-1) the coach called all the parents over so she could tell us when the end-of-season party was and about the next game (which is tomorrow, in a town like 2 hours from me, so Scott is taking Holly and I am not going to that one).
While she was talking to us, the girls all got a bunch of silly string, and then they came at us! First Holly had two cans of silly string and she was attacking me with a ferocity I wish she'd display on the field. Then she finally ran out, and I started to get the string off me and I was all "Whew."
Then like 5 other kids came at me with at once! I was covered in silly string from head to toe!! It was awesome :)

Well, except that some of the string was wet, so it stuck. To my shoe. And I just noticed it this morning. It's all over my shirt I was wearing that day, too, but it looked cool.

(And I still can't purge the song or the end animation from my brain. Help....?)

I'm all : indescribable mink dancing. >.
Jammin' with : pappari funifuni tamago IT HAUNTS ME.
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Teacher said not to.
Date: May 10th, 2004 - 08:36 am
There are other catchy songs, you know. I usually use aiko's "ijiwaru na tenshi" to purge the evilness from my brain. It's catchy enough that with a little concentration, it'll stick instead. Plus it will always be a reminder of that concert dvd...
This place is filthy.
Date: May 10th, 2004 - 09:16 am
But have you HEARD the pappari funifuni song?!?! It's... evil. TOTALLY EVIL. And what's worse is there's a dancing Mink animation to most of it, so not only can't I purge the song, I can't hear the song in my head without the image of Mink dancing.

I think the only cure is to actually HEAR another catchy song, which I can't really do because work.

There's a part of me that wants to learn all the words, just to annoy others with.
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