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Hey mister, can you spare a monkey? - Are we not men?
Hey mister, can you spare a monkey?
I got a new stereo installed in my car yesterday! And it's THUMPIN!! I have half a mind to take a picture of my sub, but that would bore you :) I got a letter saying that I will get my personalized plates sometime this week. I will be driving around with a romanized made-up anime word spelled wrong on my car! Hahahaha! People will go "... the hell?" And I will laugh. And be laughed at. I can accept this.

Last night we were gonna go to this jazz club, but by the time we got there the band had packed up, so we went to some other diner next door that still had the band playing, and they played my playlist! Like, they played the Temptations, and Prince, and Mary J., and George Clinton... it was way cool :)

I tried to region-free my DVD player, and then I put this DVD that Kym had from Europe in there, and it hated it. So... I may be in sucksville come June.

Speaking of June, Holly's birthday is coming up, and I need to buy her some presents. I will be back later, with probably nothing important to report! Hahahaha!
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