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I go on and on about writing! I HAVE HAD A LOT OF COFFEE!!!! - Are we not men?
I go on and on about writing! I HAVE HAD A LOT OF COFFEE!!!!
I wrote a smutfic. You can read it here, if you want to (warning: yaoi, non-con, pwp)

Here's a big discussion about writing. There is no smut in this post.
Here's why writing is difficult.

First, let me just say. Writing two of my favorite characters doing unspeakable things makes me feel like some kind of benevolent yet sadistic god. And that is a feeling I like.
The downside is that there are tons - and I mean tons - of smut words that I hate. Not that I won't read them, just that I hate them too much to use them. I don't mean I won't use them when just chatting or something. Just that to me, their literary value is nil.
Literary? I thought you said smut!
Just because it's smut doesn't mean it has to be poorly written or lose any literary value! Hell no I'm not suggesting that smut qualifies for a Hugo or something. Just saying that if it's worth writing, it's worth writing well. And to me, writing it well includes not using some of the words. Lots of the words, actually.
It's like trying to describe a soccer match without using the words ball or foot. I take it as a personal challenge. (Also, you can't use the words sphere, orb, or toe.)
Not too bright, sure. But hey, avoiding "those" words allows me to sleep at night.

I bet this sounds kindof insane, but usually when I write, it's like I'm a director and the characters are the actors. Even though I am guiding the plot and the action, each character still has the freedom to interpret his or her own part. This means that sometimes I am surprised by what a character does or does not do in response to external plot elements. Like, a "Wow, I didn't expect she'd just walk up and slap him." or sometimes even "Whoa, he was a CIA agent the whole time!"
That part might have actually sounded sane, but this next part, this would be the insane part.
Sometimes characters talk back to me. "Look, I know you wanted her to die, but I am incapable of killing. Make it an accident or something." Me, the sadistic god, "OK, but it is an accident that you cause. Get your angst on."

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "You know, for someone who talks about writing all the time, we so rarely see any of your works!" That's true. I used to write a lot more before I got the internet (I'd say that was around 1998 or 99 or so). I had a really great Red Dwarf fanfic, but I lost it in a reformat several years ago. Unbeknownst to most, I DO have original works, but most of them are unfinished because I get sidetracked or because I was overambitious. I should do what vermilionsparro does, and post portions of stuff as I produce it in a journal. But I am so paranoid about idea theft. One time, we had a green light for a television show. I was to be the head writer, and I would unplug my computer from the internet, write some stuff, print it out, delete it from my HD, and only then would I reconnect to the 'net. (The studio that was behind us was bought out in between concept and production, and the new studio canned it, so you don't get me on tv yet :)

Anyway, the point is... I guess I don't have a point. I just wanted to record this for posterity or something. I love hearing about how other people's creative process works, so I figured I'd share mine. Share yours!

In other news, I HAVE HAD A LOT OF COFFEE.. and I wnat more. I am wired as hell and I LIKE IT.

I'm all : enthralled CAFFEINE!
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Are you gonna eat that?
Date: May 19th, 2004 - 11:03 am
What do "non-con" and "pwp" mean?

From what I understand of "yaoi", I'd guess that pwp stands for "People with Penises". But I'm probably wrong.
Can you feel the love?
Date: May 19th, 2004 - 11:11 am
PWP stands for "Plot? What Plot?". PWP stories are also often called "lemons", for reasons I don't understand, though that terminology is sort of fading into oblivion. Basically, smut for its own sake.

"Non-con" means "non-consensual". I really hope you know what that means.
Stop asking about milk already.
Date: May 19th, 2004 - 11:16 am
Ahh.. who doesn't love a good old-fashioned plotless gay rape story?

Oh, I know. Me! :)
Date: May 19th, 2004 - 11:20 am
Great. Now I have cola all over my keyboard.

In case it's the plotlessness that turns you off, my gay rape story DOES have plot. And tons of angst. Not that I expect you to be interested, I'm just getting revenge for the waste of good cola.
Can you feel the love?
Date: May 19th, 2004 - 11:27 am
hahahaha! i know you don't like that sort of thing :) wow i came back from that preso downstairs and there is this whole conversation! W00!!!
Teacher said not to.
Date: May 19th, 2004 - 11:07 am
I feel you on that, though what I write about isn't usually about specific characters (or, at least, not solely about specific characters), since I write RPG material.

Of course, sometimes I do for characters I play, and then I find out weird shit about them. Like the character I was just playing - a church knight - turns out he has a brother who sometimes commits highway robbery and has a small band of followers. And now, I'm playing that guy, because my church knight character was marytred! ;)

I still have to write the letter from my old character (who wrote the letter the day before he was burned at the stake) to my new characters (who I still haven't completely finished making yet). I gotta write it, because the other players get to read it. Plus, in-game props and cool like that. And writing is fun.
Date: May 19th, 2004 - 11:29 am
Writing is fun! Writing sadistic things is fthe funnest! write it all mean and angsty and make sure that one of the other players cries.
Can you feel the love?
Date: May 19th, 2004 - 01:23 pm
Actually, I'm going to write stuff that makes the players filled with rage and kill some key NPCs. And that will be angst.
Date: May 19th, 2004 - 03:15 pm
Can you feel the love?
Date: May 19th, 2004 - 03:04 pm
Alternatively I could jump on the "plotless gay rape" bandwagon and just rape one of the other male PCs for no reason or consistency.

Or talk about it in my letter.

But, probably neither. Neither of the other male PCs drink alcohol. I wouldn't want to give them a reason to start.
Date: May 19th, 2004 - 03:18 pm
aww, come on. it's fun. it's more fun if one of them can make shit explode just by sorta thinking about it. rape that one.
I saved you a seat.
Date: May 20th, 2004 - 10:42 pm
It was really good!
For some reason there was a whole lotta boxes before and after the text began. I deleted them since they made the word doc hard to sift through, and when I saw how short it was I was worried I lost a few parts. But, there was a beginning mid and end. ^^ And what an end! Heeee.
It was very good. I greatly liked it.
I bow in awe of your yaoi-ness!
Can you feel the love?
Date: May 21st, 2004 - 02:38 am
Hehe! Thanks! I dunno what the boxes are. They probably add boxes to word documents that are sent across national borders, just to scare us! Haha.
Here's how the two guys look, if you haven't seen Fullmetal Alchemist:

(They did not actually say that, I added that because they are so cute together. more pics here)
Now they want me to write a nice one. :D
Teacher said not to.
Date: May 21st, 2004 - 03:47 pm
Haaaaaaaaaaaawt! ^^

Makes the story so much better now. Lol.
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