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Bought on e-bay... bought on e-bay?! - Are we not men?
Bought on e-bay... bought on e-bay?!
Haha, i am so funny :P

I have 19 items in my watch list on ebay. one of them ends tonight. I cannot decide whether to go for it or not. But it's weird, which means I'll probably end up bidding on it. I am slightly proud of the weird stuff I own. But really I should conserve funds for A-kon. You never know what kind of weird shit I'll find there!

In other news, the whole floor smells like a rotten egg. This of course makes me reluctant to visit the cafeteria at all. I wonder what smells worse, rotten eggs, or burning human flesh. I figure this is part of a terrorist stink-bomb operation. I would prefer to suspect communists, but seems that communists are no longer in fashion as far as antagonists go.
Actually, I'm probably the antagonist and God only knows who the protagonists are. In case they are reading this (the protagonists), I just want you to know: I am NOT SORRY! For ANY of it! Hahahahaha!

I think I'll go write goofy shit now. (No, really. This wasn't goofy at all.)

I'm all : irritated it STINKS in here.
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Are you gonna eat that?
Date: May 27th, 2004 - 11:17 pm
*is dissapointed you are not sorry*

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