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Look a boring survey! W00! - Are we not men?
Look a boring survey! W00!

[spell your first name back wards] - lav hehehehe lav!
[the story behind your user name]- you need a story to comprehend raditzsex?! Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me.
[how old are you?]- 34
[where do you live?]- Plano, the best city in Texas
[5 words that sum you up] - I Will Make You Scream

+Describe Your...
[wallet]- brown
[hair brush]- I do not require hair styling paraphenalia
[jewelry worn daily]- none
[coffee cup]- says "NO COFFEE NO PEACE" on one side and "KNOW COFFEE KNOW PEACE" on the other
[shoes]- black no-slip safety shoes
[favorite shirt]- I dunno. I need a Hagaren shirt.
[favorite pants]- My pants are all the same. Black slacks. like 8 pairs.
[cologne/perfume]- I prefer Eau de Val.
[CD/MD in stereo right now]- I don't have a stereo. In the car, it's Hillary Duff but that's just because Holly was in the car. When I get back in there Basement Jaxx are goin back in.
[piercings]- 3 ear piercings
[what you are wearing now]- black trousers, navy Capsule Corp t-shirt
[make-up]- none
[hair]- my hair is awesome.
[in my mouth]- a cigarette
[in my head]- You mean aside from the yaoi party? Many many things that would scare you.
[wishing]- the mail came on holidays
[after this]- my sister is comin over I guess we'll go spend money or something
[talking to]- I AM ALONE!
[eating]- I'm not eating. I'm smoking.
[something you're looking forward to in the upcoming months]- lesse.... Democratic state convention in a couple of weeks... I dunno, I'm flexible
[the last thing you ate?]- Zapp's Spicy Cajun Crawtators
[something that you are deathly afraid of?]- flying in airplanes
[do you like candles]- candles? or candies? Can you light candy on fire? That would be cool.
[do you like incense]- I dunno, it gets the smoke smell out, but I kinda dig the smell of smoke.
[do you believe in love]- sure! why not!
[do you believe in soul mates]- I believe in sole mates. Where are my shoes.
[do you believe in love at first sight]- Does this apply to anime?
[do you believe in forgiveness]- yes. I forgive you for this question.
[if you could have any animal for a pet]- monkey
[what are 3 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to]- I dunno I kinda like it here.
[favorite pig out foods?]- Lays Kettle Cooked Jalapeno Flavored chips
[is there something you wish you could understand better]- Japanese.

+Do Tell...
[my father thinks i am]- sorta crazy-like
[my mother thinks i am]- a loose cannon
[my grandma thinks i am]- ... not in heaven with her?
[your three best qualities]- CORNCHIPS AND A DOGGY
[three worst qualities]- also, cornchips and a doggy.
[three things you are often complimented for]- everything, my val-ness, and everything else.
[you get embarrassed]- only from stuff that shouldn't embarrass me. i don't get embarrassed by stuff that should embarrass me.
[that makes you happy]- CORNCHIPS AND A DOGGY! this survey sucks.
[you keep a diary ]- Yes. Yours.
[you like to cook ]- No. I suck at it. But that's why I was born in the age of frozen foods.
[you have a secret you have not shared with anyone]- Probably not.
[you fold your underwear]- I don't fold my *shirts*. Why would I fold my underpants.
[you talk in your sleep]- If I do, it's probably very very odd.
[you set your watch a few minutes ahead]- I don't wear a watch.
[you believe in love]- Makes me want to break out into song. Oh, no, that's wrong. Makes me want to break. Stuff. This survey does.

[movie you rented ]- probably Python 2 or Crocodile 2 or Shark Attack 3 or some other bad sequel. It's been awhile since I rented movies.
[song stuck in your head]- Deborah Coleman is playing right now.
[song you've downloaded ]- Samurai Champloo opening theme
[person that you called ]- Brian
[person that's called you ]- My sister
[TV show you've watched ]- Teen Titans
[person you were thinking of]- Greed (what, you asked at a bad time.)

[u wish you could live somewhere else]- u? u? what the hell is that shit?
[u think about suicide]- I made a suicide icon in makaioh today. But that's not because I'm contemplating it for myself.
[others find you attractive]- Everyone finds val attractive in some way or another.
[you want more piercings]- Nahh. Pointy things = hurty.
[you want more tattoos]- I don't have any tattoos. I'm considering getting a rubber stamp of the ouroboros symbol and pretending to be a different homunculus each day, though.
[you drink]- I am drinking tea right now. I may have water later.
[you like roller coasters]- sure
[you write in cursive or print]- yes I do. It's up to you to determine which letter is which.
[you carry a donor card]- no

+Have You..
[ever cried over a guy/girl]- aww, that is so sad. Let me pat you on your back and give you a reassurance fuck for being so depressed.
[lied to someone]- Of course not! I'm A NICE PERSON I SWEAR hahahaha.
[ever been in a fist fight]- yeah , but it was in jr. high. Actually I was in a couple. I won one against a guy, but I lost against this really mean girl. She scared me.
[ever been arrested]- not that I know of

[shampoo do you use]- THEY THREW MY BATHIN ROCK!

[of people you consider your enemies]- I don't have the energy to enemy people. I do suspect some people consider me an enemy, though, and I'm proud of that.

And yes. My sister came over, and we went and I spent moneys. Got the latest Norah Jones CD, a Deborah Coleman CD, and another Basement Jaxx CD. And Hellsing manga, and this plush thing from Cthulu that I dunno what it is but Holly thought it was mega so I'm giving her it for her birthday.

The cat likes Norah Jones, but he seems a little put out by Deborah Coleman.

Have some lyrics:

They raided the joint took everybody down but me
They raided the joint took everybody down but me
I was over in the corner high as I could be

Well some were playin blackjack some were playin skins
I had plenty money but they wouldn't let me in
Yeah they raided the joint took everybody down but me
I was over in the corner high as I could be

Well some were drinkin whiskey, some were drinkin rum
They had sneaky pete but they wouldn't give me none
Yes they raided the joint took everybody down but me
I was over in the corner high as I could be

Well there ain't no need to fuss, there ain't no need to scruff
I'm goin down to court to tell the judge about it all
They raided the joint took everybody down but me
I was over in the corner high as I could be

I'm all : a doggy.
Jammin' with : deborah coleman - travelin' south
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Are you gonna eat that?
Date: June 1st, 2004 - 02:20 am
You mean.... you don't have an Oompa Loompah band that plays inside of your head?
That's preposterous!
Date: June 1st, 2004 - 06:22 am
I meant to tell you that you have good taste in monkeys.
I saved you a seat.
Date: June 1st, 2004 - 03:46 pm
LONG LIVE HELLSING! God I love that manga!
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