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Got out the old Space Ghost vids... and I gotta say this. If I'm… - Are we not men?
Got out the old Space Ghost vids... and I gotta say this. If I'm ever dating someone, then they break up with me, the best way to help me through it is to say what Zorak said to Space Ghost when Miss Nesbitt left him. I'm being serious, too. Judah did that last time I had a breakup, and it made me laugh so hard that I felt better. Plus that guy was a lamer, he was a C2C poser. He knew a couple of CP songs because some friend of his from HS played it all the time, but then when it came right down to it, he didn't get the show. He was also a South Park and Red Dwarf poser. Then he pretended he didn't like DBZ, but he secretly dug it, but couldn't admit it. Hahahaha!!! I hope when some of my other friends have breakups that it will be OK if I say Zorak things to them right afterwards. I don't know anyone who might be breaking up, soon, though. Except for the fragile ones. Despite appearances, I *do* value friendships enough to tailor my responses to the individual.
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