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My child ROCKS - Are we not men?
My child ROCKS
Holly goes "Mom, if you had a beans and radish and soda dinner, and then jumped on the trampoline and then went swimming, do you think you could burp all 50 states?"

In other news: saw Garfield movie - cute, but a few too many non-hip references for my taste. New Dog State Of Mind? Please. Still, cute. Inspired this dream which has minor FMA spoilers thru ep 34. Went swimming. A lot. Have water in my ear and it won't come out yey -_-;; Found random kitten and brought it in and put up signs. Hope it's claimed, as there's really not room for 3 cats in here. Sweet little guy. Holly's callin it "Tim". Hep is pissed.

What's the moral of the story? Water+ear=bad.
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