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Absent-mindedness - Are we not men?
I figure it's better to be absent-minded when doing not-life-threatening things. I seem to do better when I'm on autopilot than when I'm all concentratey. Especially with art. I was drawing the other day and it was looking teh poo and then I got distracted but kept drawing and it came out pretty damn good. That particular pic, if I ever finish it, will end up in the kp_slash comm, in case you are interested.

Oh I forgot to tell, the babycat went to the vet last week and he seems healthy for all intents and purposes! We're keeping him quarantined for another few weeks to make sure nothing odd shows up, and then maybe he can join the pride :) He's a SWEET SWEET kitty.

You love kittens.

And speaking of cats, this morning Hep and Pharaoh woke me up about 5:30am meowing at me, so I went to see what they needed... would you believe they needed me to throw their toys so they could play!!
Holly gets to come to work with me tomorrow! She'll be drawing on the whiteboard :) It'll be CUTE! And she'll make fun of me for having FMA postcards on the cube walls XD
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