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¬_¬ - Are we not men?
There's a rolling cart-thing in the hall with some kind of electronic gear on it, and it's got dials and knobs and things...
I wanna play with it.

They're gonna make out.

You can see how the cat normally referred to as "the small one" has now become "the big one". But I still call him the small one. Aren't they cute and fuzzy? You know you want to touch the kittys. If I remember, tonight I'll take the camera into the babycat's bathroom and take more pictures of him. His name will be Moofy. He's got long legs, or he's got regular-sized kitten legs and I just never noticed on my other cats because they are covered in long hairs. He likes to jump aruond, and he always falls into the bathtub when I'm in the shower. It's funny. He's a sweet sweet kitty. You love the kitty.
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Date: July 6th, 2004 - 10:19 am
YES! All must love the kitty!
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