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Can you carve something onto a monitor casing with a plastic knife? - Are we not men?
Can you carve something onto a monitor casing with a plastic knife?
It is like, mega hot in here. And I don't mean hott. I mean hot. As in, remove my jacket (which I never do) because otherwise I'll die.
Or, it's not hot in here, it's normal, and my body temperature has reached an all-time high. I can't tell. It's friggin hot in here.

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Er... yeah.

It's still hot in here. And I look ridiculous without my jacket on. (For those of you who just said 'But you looked ridiculous prior to removing the jacket!' I say beh at you XP )

I have some pics of Hep and Pharaoh that I meant to upload but didn't. Also I need to take more pics of Moofy, he's invaded the back bedroom now and nothing is cuter than kittens XD Holly is still out of town. I will also try to take a picture of a plastic knife. I think I want a plastic knife icon. Anyone got one?


I'm all : hot friggin HOT.
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